SquareSpace versus WordPress 2017

If you're looking for an in-depth analysis or even a pros and cons list comparing these two website/content management systems you might be disappointed in what I've put together here.  I can't say which is "better" as I think both serve a purpose and I use both and will continue to do so.  Even still, it's worth discussing so here goes.

I'm a technology guy and I've been managing WordPress sites for about a decade now.  WordPress is often times an exercise in the blind leading the blind and all of the many free themes and free plugins seem to be, yet not always, written by people with no business sense.   In fact the number 1 trouble shooting step in the WordPress world is "disable all plugins and then re-enable one at a time to determine the cause of your issue".  What the heck?  With my background in corporate IT this can be especially frustrating.  And when I went to put my photography site together I tried dozens of WordPress themes (free and paid) and never found the look or functionality I was looking for.  Then my good friend and frequent collaborator, Chelsea, told me about SquareSpace.  

I believe SquareSpace was originally created with photographers and artists in mind so obviously I liked what I saw at SquareSpace (which is hosting the site you're reading now).  Configuring your SquareSpace site is much more visual than WordPress, so much so that it took me a while and many emails to support to figure it out.  But once you get the handle of the back end its a very functional framework and the closest thing to intuitive I've seen.  There are still limitations when compared to WordPress, especially in the plugins department but oh well.  In theory I don't need that WP SEO plugin because SquareSpace is doing most of those things for me, and I don't need a sitemap plugin because SquareSpace created that for me. And so on.

Did I mention the SquareSpace email support?  I submit a ticket and get an answer within 24 hours and they are always super friendly and helpful.  And their support documentation and videos are stellar.  SquareSpace is more expensive that typical hosting but I get the look I want, they have stellar support, and I'm pleased with my site.   And most importantly my photography is presented nicely.  

I'm still a fan of WordPress and one of the things I really like about WordPress is I can get deep under the hood and modify most anything I want not to mention a zillion plugins are available for WordPress and a handful are quite useful.  I recently decided to start blogging on some technology subjects that thought doing that from a photography site might seem confusing, to readers as well as search engines.  So I started looking at moving my site from SquareSpace back to WordPress which was kind of depressing because I love how well SquareSpace showcases photography.  So I've decided I'll simply blog from by photography site.  Visitors who come to read about technical subjects will be treated to a photo gallery they can enjoy, or ignore.  

A bit unconventional and I might confuse a search engine or two, but I'm not selling anything here so I might as well use it the way I want.  So here goes...

Chris Curnutt is an IT professional, photographer, cyclist, husband and father living in Dallas, Texas. You can see more of his photography on Facebook and also Tumblr.