Chris Curnutt - About

I've spent the last 20 years working in technology, most of that time was spent as an IT operations manger for Starbucks where my focus was spent supporting several manufacturing and distribution centers in North America.   I also manage numerous WordPress sites and my own SquareSpace site.   I'm an Amazon seller as well and either manufacture or have products made for us to sell online.   Our primary products can be found at Stampola

My wife, Mindy, is a master of all things SQL and a Microsoft MVP.  Check her out at Mindy Curnutt

Additionally I manage SEO Fundamentals which establishes Google and Bing Analytics and Webmaster Tools for web developers and business owners.  I'm also a photographer based in Dallas, Texas.  I began taking photos near the birth of my daughter.  Soon after I was taking photos of cycling, art and other events that I attended in my ordinary travels.  My primary interest is in portrait and documentary style photography.  I prefer monochrome images over color yet I still do color work. You can see some of those examples on my Tumblr diary, and I've been known to post photos on Facebook.  

This site is my attempt to merge both my interest in photography and technology.

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